From Cameron:

I don’t know if you want to make mention of this (you may already have done), but my local Games Workshop store (Greensborough, Victoria, Australia) has a couple of the painted LOTR miniatures in it’s windows (Gandalf, Pippin, and a few rank and file troops). If the one in Greensborough has them (and Greensborough is commonly referred to as ‘out in the sticks’) then I dare say the city store would have them as well.

From George:

I just wanted to inform you that you could obtain your own elf, gondorian, or goblin, from Games Workshop. There is a painting contest going on, and you can get a free miniature from them, and paint it, and you could win a free starter set. I have my own spiffy elven bowman, so you may just want to pick one up if you can or inform people of their opportunities.

(If anyone has any more info on this contest, where to pick one up, or any other reports about Games-workshop, send them My Way!)

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