From: Lorgalis

Hi everyone,
since I read some people are interested in the new game, here some quick news as I already have the box (retailer advantage).

The Miniatures:
Size and dimensions follow the Film equivalents, which means they got away from overdimensioned Weapons and stuff. They are quit well designed and show good detail.

The equipment is also according to the costumes shown in recent pictures of the film. All figures in the base set are plastic miniatures of the standard GW quality. No special characters are supplied in the box, though a few orcs, elves and men of Gondor.

The rules:
For all who already play GW Fantasy, it will mean some changes, because especially the close combat rules work mostly different.

We still have the same attributes, including movement (differs with race), abilities to handle a weapon in close combat, shot with bow or crossbow, Strength, Toughness, some kind of Hitpoints, number of attacks. And most important a moral value. Whereas ranged combat works out pretty the same as in GW Fantasy, the moral decides, after rolling dice, who will be able to attack. Rules take into consideration whether its a one on one fight ore more models are included. Still the models do not operate in formation.

The heroes:
There are also special rules for the LOTR heroes, which means, they have some kind of special equipment and more: the have a hero bonus, giving them to reroll dice in combat.

The concept:
After all, the concept is far from being perfect. There are slowing down elements , like movements,the moral dececision and the fighting gets less attractive.
It is in most cases a concept for small battles. A big fight will take long and the concept does not cope with it too well.

Though miniatures are very well illustrated in the rulebook and also show several pictures from the movie, there is no picture of the balrog. Seems that has to stay a mistery until we all will enjoy the movie.

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