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Poll: How do you think the first Lord of the Rings movie will turn out!

Current Results: 52.0% Awesome, five stars
20.8% Good, four stars
16.6% I don’t know
4.1% Average, three stars
4.1% Worst movie ever! One star
2.0% Poor, two stars

Quiz: Who is Sauron’s master?
Answer: Morgoth (obviosly)

Remeber Rivendell: A weekly IGN Insider article about the Lord of the Rings, written by Jason Bates.

“So when it came time to think up another column for IGN, writing about Middle-Earth seemed like a very natural thing to do. In this column, I’ll try to talk about all the different things that make Middle-Earth special, as we count down the days until the film debuts in late December. ”

And a couple of TORN mentions (I sent in a bunch of Gaming info for them):

“Next, we’ll sort out some of the licensing issues with the current crop of Lord of the Rings games, or at least start to. Gerry Morrow, games editor over at the was good enough to send in a letter breaking down some of the chain of events that have led to the current confusion in the Tolkien game space. As you may or may not know, Sierra’s frequent changes of ownership and an ongoing court battle have created a situation where there aren’t as many LOTR games on the market as you might think there should be.”


“Great letter, and the kind of sharing of information that is what this column is supposed to be all about. To be honest, I did not know all that about what’s going on with the LOTR gaming license, and nobody here at IGN I asked seemed to know anything either. I’ll definitely use this information going forward, thanks again Gerry.

And for the rest of you, if you haven’t already, definitely check out The One too, for daily Lord of the Rings content, as well as Gerry’s section of it, the Gaming Havens, for more LOTR gaming news.”

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