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Green Dragon Ale

October 22, 2001 at 5:14 am by Tehanu  - 

For all you home brewers out there, ArcherSam has this recipe to share with you:

Hi, for those home brewers out there I put together a simple little Bywater special brown ale served quite often at the Green Dragon inn (and often quaffed by Sam Gamgee). It consists of:
6lbs pale malt extract
12 oz. crystal malt
4 oz. chocolate malt
1-1/2 oz. roasted barley
1 oz. Styrian Goldings boiling hops
1/2 oz. Cascade aroma hops
2/3 cup corn sugar for bottle priming
1to 2 pks. Nottingham ale yeast

[Heat?] Crushed grains in 1-1/2 gallons water to 150 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove grains and add malt extract. Bring water to boil, add boiling hops for 60 minutes. Add aroma hops last 2 minutes of boil. Remove from heat and add to primary fermenter with water to 5 gallons. Add yeast at 80 degrees or so. Ferment for a few days and rack to a secondary fermenter for another 7 to 10 days. Bottle with 2/3 cup corn sugar.

For home brewers this should be a simple but tasty recipe. I have often shared a pint at the Green Dragon with many a hobbit.

Posted in Old Special Reports on October 22, 2001 by

The One Ring

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