Oh my gosh:

Today went as I wanted to to an UGC Cine Cite in Paris… And the trailers were there. The room was huge, and so was the screen (YEAH!), and as we were at the most 45 (it was the earliest trailer show in the morning, at 9.10 AM, the others were in other cinemas around 10.30 AM, so I bet there were many more people there) it appeared quite void. But they showed the three trailers, including the last one, four times over: FOUR TIMES! And in subtitled English. Oh my Gosh!!!!

I could see details I hadn’t seen before: When you see Sauron’s piked helm, in the respectful (fearful?) army, I did see one or two bearded + mustached humans… And in the pictures in the mirror of Galadriel which shows the Shire aflame, a few men-sized people are carrying whips and making the Hobbits flee. And when Legalos says, “Something draws near, I can feel it,” you could see his breath on the air. Must be quite cold where he was… Of course u already noticed that, but I hadn’t on my poor-quality QuickTime trailer…

And more important: There was a camera team which made interviews, before and after the trailers, to make a short movie on the fan reactions… I was actually interviewed, and I think I made quite a good impression… and there was a guy at the head of Tolkienfrance: www.tolkienfrance.com who told me HE is doing the French translation of the Decipher card game! Coooooooool.


Thanks for the report Cuivienor!