Participating in a Live Chat Event is a unique chat experience. The first thing you need to do is get connected. You may find information at Barliman’s. If you need help fire us an email. You will connect to our main chat room, and if the event is not there, you will be directed to it in another room.

Depending on the event, the room will either be open to all speakers or moderated. In a moderated room, the flow of conversation is structured and you may find that you are unable to ‘speak’ freely. Regular conversation happens after the main question and answer session. Questions are asked by patrons like yourself in private messages to staff, who relay them to our guest speakers. Please message the appropriate staff member(s) by typing /msg nick your question. For example, /msg Berendir When will the first series come out?

After the main Q & A, there will probably be an open session with our guests. It is important to keep in mind the general room guidelines at this time. If you are having difficulty connecting or with other issues please feel free to message or email the Barliman’s moderators.

We hope you enjoy your stay!