The next issue of InQuest Gamer is chock-full of Lord of the Rings Gaming goodness.

We’re counting down to “The Fellowship of the Ring,” and the last few month’s of InQuest Gamer are as packed with Middle-earth stuff as Samwise after his third breakfast. And IQ #80, on sale November 7th, is the best yet.

Yeah, Decipher’s new Lord of the Rings Trading Card game is cool, but we want more! We prove that there’s no such thing as too many wizards with our “Rule Them All” feature, where the populace of Middle-earth invade games like Magic: The Gathering, Mage Knight and Magi-Nation. Ever wonder how Frodo would fare among Dragon Ball Z combatants? Well, wonder no more.

Plus, we’ve got the first killer deck anywhere for Decipher’s new card game. If you want to win right out of the gates—of Moria—you’ve come to the right place.

And, as if that weren’t enough, InQuest #80 has a “Lord of the Rings” Gift Guide, packed full with titles, prices and sources for everything from Gandalf busts to obscure Tolkien books on tape, and from action figures of Aragorn to weapon replicas of Glamdring. Everything associated with the new films.

In the next few months, look for InQuest Gamer to provide you with even more info on the new “Lord of the Rings” games; you don’t want to miss a Middle-earth minute of the excitement, and we won’t let you.