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When I sat down to read the newspaper this afternoon I was surprised to see a large image of the infamous orcs on the last page. The article is called “Fairytale for grownups” with the subtitle “England got its own mythology”. The fact that it is published today – exactly two months before the premiere is no coincident. In the ingress the author states that “this year, going to see the Fellowship of the Ring will be almost as common as eating Christmas ham”, however the article is about the books that the upcoming movies are based on instead of the movies them self. 🙂

The books are discussed both by content and style and the message is that they are very good, even though they have been criticized by literary scholars for as long as the books have been around.

One of the main points is that the story is told from the Hobbits’ points of view, with all their naivety and surprise about the world in which they embark on their long journey. That means that the reader feels very comfortable reading the books, since he/she – just as the Hobbits knows nothing or very little about the places, people and history of Middle Earth. Since the Hobbits share the reader’s ignorance and surprise about most of the presented events, the reader becomes part of Middle Earth in an insidious way.

I don’t have the time to translate the entire article now, but if anyone is interested in reading the article in Swedish, it is available on the web at the following URL (with image and everything). [ Posted in:

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