News from Circi in Greece: “The top selling Athens weekly events review “Athinorama” includes a special edition on all new films for the coming 2001/2002 season,sponsored by Village cinemas. LOTR features prominently. Frodo’s huge-eyed caricature reigns on the cover over various other film characters from such films as “A.I.”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Harry Potter”. Then on the inside there is the famous poster of Frodo holding the Ring with the caption “History becam a Legend and the Legend became a Myth”, LOTR-FOTR, December 2001. Then PJ is the only director included in an article titled “13 faces for the new year”, showing him posing as a Hobbit smoking a pipe in Bag End. Here are some quotes: “Who could open the huge cultural chapter that is called “The Lord of the Rings”, if not a true fan? The relatively unknown Peter Jackson from New Zealand, has taken over the responsibility of bringing to life the prolific vision of Professor Tolkien. The simoultaneous filming of all three films has taken epic proportions and many people wonder if the “brilliant lunatic” director of cult splatters like “Braindead”, but also of the excelent “Heavenly Creatures” can shoulder such weight. Answers shortly at a cinema near you…” The film synopsis is full of mistakes so I wont bother translating. I just hope this means we will get to see the latest trailer at the movies soon and be part of the worldwide premiere on December 19th.”

Also news from Greek Elessar: At last we have the official site in Greek!!! Everything you wish about tolkien and his work is there.(and the movies of course)

If you know Greek(or you are just curious)go there!!! [More]