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Intelli-Blox ‘Quotes’

October 15, 2001 at 12:41 pm by xoanon  - 

The “Mines of Moria” instruction booklet from Intelli-Blox, has some line speech from the movies:

Here is what I was able to read, but there’s many incomplete sentenses, and certainly many errors. I’m sure someone will decipher them all !

Interactive phrases and sound effects from Middle-Earth!

Frodo : I’m alright – I’m not hurt.
Frodo : Gandalf !
Frodo : There is no other way.
Frodo : We’ve got to get out of here.
Frodo : What are they?
Gandalf : I have no memory of this place.
Gandalf : I think you’ll find there’s more in this Hobbit than … the eye.
Gandalf : To the bridge of Khazd-Dum, go!
Gandalf : Do as I say! Swords are no ….
Gandalf : You shall not pass!
Gandalf : Fly, you fools!
Gandalf : The ring is yours now.
Gandalf : Put the ring somewhere out of light. Keep it secret, keep it safe.
Gandalf : This is the One Ring, forged by the Dark Lord in the fire of Mount Doom.
Gandalf : ….. from the Dwarves of Moria in many years.
Gandalf : There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will.
Gandalf : Get down !
Gandalf : Spies of Saruman. ……….
Gandalf : We need the strengh of all men is this fight.
Gandalf : Gimli!
Gimli : Let them come !
Gimli : …… , mithril. You are full of surprise Mister Baggins !
Gimli : The Mines of Moria …. all of their ….
Moria Orc : Sound effect only
Sam : I think I’m getting the …….
Sam : He’s alive!
Merry : Yes ……
Pippin : Nothing’s happening ?
Boromir : They have a Cave Troll
Saruman : One of the Halflings carries something of great value.
Aragorn : You should be dead. …
Ringwraith with horse : Sound effects only.
New born Uruk-Hai : Sound effects only.
Bilbo : My old ring. I should very much like to hold it again, one last time.
Lurtz : The white hand of Saruman.
Elrond : You shall be the “Fellowship of the Ring”!
Arwen : The light of the Evenstar does not ……….
Fighting Uruk-Hai : Sound effects only
Balrog : Sound effects only
Legolas [Wood Elf] : We should leave here, we must move on, we cannot fight.
Legolas [Wood Elf] : Orcs !
Orc ….. : Sound effects only
Orc ….. : Sound effects only

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