From Gothmog & Wife:

The tie-in products for WH Smiths are coming in-store between now and early November. A member of staff kindly showed us the store guide to up coming products due in before Xmas. They look marvellous! As for the mo’ they have various versions of the books and the John Howe illustrated board game, an alternate version of the movies 16 month calendar and the famed BBC radio play in 13 parts on CD. Games workshop now have an in-store flyer for their product range due out on the 3rd and 4th of November. They’ll also be having an in-store ‘Bilbo’s Birthday’ weekend to celebrate/promote the range of goods, with demonstrations of the battle game throughout.

Also, I bought a desk top calendar at HMV with many many lovely pics, info snippets and a movie tie-in quiz-all for £6.99.