From: The Australian

Thanks to PT

It has grown to be quite the custom for the superior production companies to showcase their work before the end of season movie bonanza here in the largest movie going nation (per capita) in the world.

I particularly take note of fantasy, comic book and game interpretations as they are normally most open to my own brand of satirical yet harsh criticism. I took most delight in giving the recent “Tomb Raider” a serve.

I plod in and out of cinemas, wondering what inspired those smouldering heaps of Hollywood excrement. There appeared to be no light at the end of the tunnel, I had become a cynic.

I have since been enlightened, and from the most unsuspecting place. A Fantasy world that literally fuels the entire “Nerd” culture of the Modern world.

If you have no clue what I am talking about then you can count yourself in the minority.

The first instalment of the Epic Trilogy “Lord of the Rings” entitled “Fellowship of the Ring” will launch itself with great force at our Silver Screens come Boxing Day.

Interpreted By Peter Jackson the films tell the story of the one Ring and the Hobbit who carries it. A mighty task it must of be too, so much as one word out of place and the “Nerd” world will hang him!

Many film making endeavours have laid claim to the title of “Bigger than Ben Hur”. For once it is actually true. With sets and costumes numbering in the hundreds, extras into the thousands, and special effects like none ever seen before these films look to be something to behold. I even heard on the grape vine that twenty kilometres of road was built for the production.

The only step that remains is to have the same impact “Ben Hur” did when ti was released.

The trailer, which is an Epic in it’s own right features a snippet from a thirty minute preview I had the honour to be invited to witness. At first I was sceptical and wandered if the security measures at the door to remove all devices capable of recording or communicating was all that essential.

The thoughts running through my own mind left me disillusioned before even the lights had dimmed, another Hollywood money-maker was on its way. How wide of the mark I was!

I was treated to thirty minutes of the most visually stunning film I had ever laid my eyes upon. The most original and heart stopping action. The most motivated and believable characters for this type of film. I was sucked into a frantic battle inside a massive and beautiful cave, I was between crying and smiling with the feeling that conjures itself in the back of your throat. My eyes, my mind and my heart were satisfied, and it was only about one fifth of the film.

Not long after leaving the cinema I purchased the book in the three-part format and began to read. Since that day I have been through it four times and have embarked on a fifth. I have never anticipated anything of an entertainment nature before in my existence, but now I even find myself surfing the net to gather as much information as I can.

This fever that has come over me can only be explained through the “Nerd” mentality, perhaps my conceptions of the past about their way of life has been a little too harsh. I never suspected it would be the “Nerd” that produces the most anticipated refreshment to entertainment and what appears to be the first major film event of the new century.

On Boxing Day this year the Australian Film going public will not be treated to the usual tripe that flags our major cinemas. They will receive a third of a story more satisfying than the original Star Wars when first released. A story brought to the screen by one of it’s own fans in a fashion not seen before. The question is can we wait another two years to receive the next two thirds?