The latest Time Out in the UK has an interview with Ian Holm (Bilbo) for his theatre run of Pinter’s “The Homecoming,”which includes:

“Lord of the Rings is ‘very good,’ he promises. ‘Christopher Lee knew Tolkien, and is a devotee. He came out and said, “That’s Tolkien,” so you can’t get better then that. I like it because it’s not just a special-effects movie, it’s very performance-orientated, lots of good stuff in it. And yes, battle with 5,000 Orcs and the rest of it. I think it’s going to be a sort of landmark, really.’ He plays Bilbo Baggins, uncle to Elijah Wood’s Frodo, and wil also appear in the third film (the trilogy was shot conccurently at a budget of $300 million, or thereabouts). And what was Peter Jackson like? “A terribly nice little man, rather nervous with a bit of a stutter, thick black hair and extraordinary bow legs. He wore shorts and sneakers and would bicycle between one set and another and direct by cell phone. I don’t know how he did it.’