From: Frodo Lover

Today (September 30th) was the Toronto Book Fair!!! I went down to take a look at the fair, which took up all of Queen Street, to see if there was any Lord of the Rings booths. Hey and what do ya know booth number 214 there was a giant cardboard standup of Gandalf and also one of the four Hobbits, promoted by Harper Collins. I was quite disapointed they oney had the Black versions of the Trilogy and thats all they had.

They also had tattoos, two different kinds, and bookmaks which had Bilbo and Saruman on them promoting the movie. They said I could only have tattos and bookmarks if I bought something, since I already had this set I did not need to buy them. I was glad to see the booth was packed I think this will be really good for sales in Toronto!!!! Hope some others got to go as well.