From: Sean

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I just came from The Dutch Comic book Convention “De Stripdagen” (now THATS a name for a convention! -Xo) in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. The big news is that one of the stands was selling the Sideshow/Weta busts, Statues and Helmets (all of Wave I). They weren’t in finished pacakaging yet, but in plain white boxes (the packaging material did have a “Sideshow-Weta Collectibles logo on it though). I bought the Gandalf bust, didn’t have any more money or I would have bought the statue 🙁 The convention is on today (till 1700) and tomorrow from 1000 till 1700, I think.

The guy running the stand (it was a company called PMB Express, who said they are the official Dutch distributors of the Weta Sideshow merchandise) also told me that they are going to see the 30 minute preview somewhere in The Netherlands tomorrow! they’ve been told not to bring any mobile phones, camera’s or other electronics. but damn, I wish I knew where it was!