The Cool folks at Decipher are celebrating in a very special way today! They’re getting the talent behind their LOTR goodies and doing Q&A sessions with them! check out Berendir’s first report! More coming soon!

TITLE: Tom Lischke (Design)

From 10-11 AM Eastern time Tom Lischke fielded questions and posed challenging trivia. Missed the action? No problem, I’ve collected all the information your hungering minds can devour – at least as much information as was there to collect!

Interested in magic, or how big a fireball Gandalf can spout forth from his nostrils?

There will definitely be spells in the game. Typically, they will be event cards (I guess we could eventually do a condition that is a spell). Both Gandalf and Saruman have spells for now. Although, rumor has it that the Nazgul (at least some of them) are Sorcerors, but we have to look into that.

A fan inquired about the Bilbo card; asking about the characters strength and role in the game.

I remember his strength being 2. He cost either 1 or 2.

He is an ally (doesn’t travel with the fellowship), and not a young one, but he has some sweet text.

What about archers?

During the Archer phase, both sides count up the number of archers they have at the fellowships site (I have to say it that way because typically ally archers don’t count) and the opposing side takes that number of wounds, which they must assign to their own characters.

That is the systemic implementation. Of course, there are other game texts that interact with that.

How does corruption work?

I’ll tell you about the systemic implementation on the Ring-bearer, although other cards that represent the concept will exist.

In addition to wound tokens, the Ring-bearer will take burdens (we suggest using the same black tokens that are used for the twilight pool).

When the Ring-bearer has burdens equal to his resistance (10 for Frodo, 5 for Sam), he is corrupted.

Shadow cards will add burdens typically, but there is even a Free Peoples card in the base set that adds burdens to do something fat.

Also, when bidding to go first in the game, players bid burdens for their Ring-bearer

How many card types are there?

The One Ring Companion

Thanks Tom for your time in answering our questions! Now, for the trivia he challenged us with.

Q. What road is the Ivy Bush on?

Answer: Bywater Road

Q. What would you use asea ananion for?

Answer: Healing wounds.

Q. What are otters for?

Answer: Swimming -I don’t get it either-