From: Anthony

Just wanted to give you a heads up on one of the Barnes and Noble mags given out free every other month at any B&N. The sci fi fantasy one is entitled Explorations, just like other genre mags free at B&N, this one can be found at the scifi section of a B&N.

Anyhow, the Oct/Nov issue has an inter view with PJ, an excerpt from one of the upcoming movie book companions and a contest wtih ten questions which will put the contestant in the drawing for Sideshow Weta Statues, or a set of Games Workshop miniatures from their up coming games. I looked for a link on the B&N site and could not find one and the mag has no web referance address. Hopefully I can get you scans of this feature but I shall here include the questions and the mailing info where people can send in their answers.

1-What sort of creature was Gollum?

2-How old was Frodo when Bilbo gave his farewell birthday party?

3-Give both names for Aragorns sword before and after it was reforged.

4-When Frodo was wounded by the Nazgul Lord what did Aragorn go to fetch??

5-What gift did Gimli ask of Galadriel?

6-What was the last vision that Frodo saw in the Mirrior of Galadriel?

7-How did Gandalf escape from the Tower of Orthanc?

8-When Frodo asked Goldberry, “Who is Tom Bombadil?” what was her reply?

9-In what hall was a carved image of a tree inset with gems?

10-What game largely inspired by Tolkien, did Gary Gygax create in the mid-1970’s?

The contest askes for name, address, City/State/Zip Code, phone# and Email address.

Answers get sent to: Explorations/Killen, Barnes and Noble, INc. 122 Fifth Ave., New York, NY, 10011 All entries must be postmarked no later than NOv7th 2001.

Grand prize winner will recieve all 4 series 1 statues 10 second prize will recieve FOTR basic game from Games Workshop.