From: Namarie

On Sunday I went to the local “Village” multiplex to see “Schrek” (I loved it). The stands were full with a special issue of the Village-Roadshow Distributions Co. magazine called “35 millimeters” presenting all new films for the upcoming season 2001-2002. To my joy 2/3rds of the cover were LOTR, the picture showing the Fellowship in dark silouette against snowcovered mountains(sorry no scanner). The rest 1/3rd was AI.

Inside 4 whole pages are dedicated to the LOTR. The main article is titled ” A classic literary masterpiece becomes a source of inspiration for the whole world”. It goes on to discribe the basic theme of all three books, the enormous production with basic facts and figures, gives a short biography of the professor and an account of the worldwide “adoration” wave of fans through the years. This on a 2 page spread with small photos of Frodo with Sting, the Ringwraiths galloping at the Ford, the professor smoking his pipe, and a boxed set of the books. This is followed by a whole page with Frodo holding the Ring from the official poster and on the opposite page a synopsis of the storyline of the first film and list of the actors playing the main characters under the picture of Galadriel kissing Frodo’s head. And it confirms the films will be shown in Greece in December, hooray !!!!!!

There are the usual small mistakes and “shortcuts” we have become accustomed to, but all in all its a good presentation,especialy for the uninitiated.