This came in from Pippin Skywalker in the UK:

“I recently received my invitation to the Ted Nasmith Exhibit in London. Judging by the brochure I got it looks like this same event will ALSO be at The Chalk Farm Gallery’s OTHER branch in Santa Fe!!! That is good news for all my fellow Americans who aren’t in London. 🙂 The exhibition begins December 3, and goes until January 10th.

Here is the info:

149, East Alameda Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Phone: 505 983 7125

Fax: 505 983 7128


P.S. The Brochure is awesome! It has pics of paintings I’ve NEVER seen before! :)”

Meanwhile it looks like Barrowdowns has added to the fun you can have there. RL writes in to say “I dont know if you care much but I found this fun site called Barrowdowns which has an orc, elf, dwarf, and a hobbit name generator. It also will tell you what race you were in Middle Earth. On top of all of this there is a madlib game and a very funny hang hobbit game. When you get bored of this you can go to Malbeth the seer to have your future told. I highly recommend this page for its entertainment value.”

Anyone want a word-for-word analysis of the song ‘Namarie’? Here it is on Ardalambion, the Tolkien linguistics website. Lots of fun there if you want to learn Quenya.