Harry Vs. Hobbit

Top Ten Reasons Why My Wizard Can Beat Your Wizard


10. Tom Bombadil’s little songs are irritating as heck.
9. Glorious Elven Realm of Lothlorien are nothing but elves in rickety tree
8. HP characters have TV & outdoor plumbing.
7. We handcarft our movies one at a time.
6. Sales through 7/01(books & audio): 334,000 LOTR: 66,00
5. You can pronounce the names in Harry’s world.
4. HP hasn’t had nearly as much time to spawn countless talentless
3. Constant bickering between Gimli & Legolas is much more annoying then
constant bickering between Ron & Hermione.
2. You know there will be another book.
1. The author’s not dead!


10. Frodo has the one ring that rules them all, Harry has a broomstick.
9. The LOTR sidelines won’t break.
8. Dumbledore seems oddly familiar… Can you say Gandalf?
7. No annoying street dates.
6. Liv Tyler is much more attractive then Hermione.
5. Hobbits know how to party!
4. Most of the characters in LOTR are safely out of puberty.
3. What would you rather do? Explore the lost realms of the middle earth, or
go to school?
2. Frodo never ate candy that tasted like vomit!
1. If there hadn’t been a Tolkien, there wouldn’t be a Rowling.

Thanks Queen Of Rohan