The recently-mentioned Tolkien Ensemble has 3 concerts coming up soon in Rundetaarn in Copenhagen, home of quite a few Ringer fans. The programme will be both old \”hits\” and brand new songs to be released on the next CD “At Dawn in Rivendell.”


6 October, 8PM
11 October, 8PM
3 November, 8PM

Meanwhile, Adriana sent me an mpeg of Galadriel’s Song of Lorien featuring original music composed by Pavel Fomitchov as well as the lovely voice of mezzo-soprano Evgenia Zamchalova, both Russian. You can download this and other songs here I complained that I could do without the synthesiser backing, so she responded by sending me an mpeg of the lament , “Namarie” which she says “is sung by a Finnish group (perfect Elvish pronunciation). While the style is quiet, they make use of real instruments.”

This one wouldn’t play for me. I’ll let you know when I find out more about it.

Please don’t send me any more mpegs, folks, they tie up my computer for hours. Though thanks for the generous impulse!