Hi everyone !

It seems that things become serious for THE LORD OF THE RINGS in France. Look what I find this morning These are 2 telecartes with the 2 LOTR teaser poster visuals on it (for information: in France you don’t use coins in phone booth, only this kind of card which in fact looks exactly like credit cards). I think it’s a first time in France that a movie is on a Telecarte (and 4 months before it’s release).

The retailer told me that these telecartes are released only for 2 month. They are limited and the one where Frodo is looking the Ring in his hand will be really hard to find because it was made in a smaller number. When you look behind the cards (sorry, no scan. I don’t have the time), there is a phone number for a big contest to win a trip to New Zealand (and visit the location sets it seems). The phone number is: 00 33 892 700 753 (that’s when you call from the USA, in France it’s 0 892 700 753). When you call this number, you can hear the French voices of Aragorn, Frodo etc…

I think it’s only the beginning here in France, I will send you other email if I find anything else!

Keep up the good work!


Today I went to the Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées avenue, in Paris. And there they were selling the Lord of the Rings poster (the pevious one, where Frodo holds the Ring) about 1m (3 feet) large and 1.60m (5 feet) long for 100 francs (that is about 15 bucks)

Second, I saw at a library that there was a French edition of Premiere a “Hors-Serie” that depicted the events of summer and winter. On page 106 was lotr, where there was a picture of the four hobbits, rolling and falling in a forest that appears (one of them is just a blur) to be the same one in which the Nazgûl leans over them on the trailer (So The Shire, I guess).

The main comment was: “PJ couldn’t take the whole books, so he had to make choices. The quality of the film will depend on those. The trailers and footage we’ve seen this far aren’t enough for us to see if the right choices were made, but they sure make us want to see more” (This is roughly translated from memory, I didn’t buy the magazine, didn’t have an money on me)

(Ringer Spy) Cuivienor