From: DonQuijote

Having lived in Berlin as an exchange student for a year, I like to keep up with my favorite Bundesliga(national footba–er, soccer, league) team, Hertha BSC Berlin. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an article about the Greek defenseman Kostas Konstantinidis (today’s evidently his birthday) entitled “1379 Seiten Mittelerde (1379 Pages of Middle Earth)”

Berlin– Kostas Konstantinidis has made some plans for the near future. To be exact, 1379 pages. Not all at once; Kostas just doesn’t have enough time for that! No, Kostas advances slowly but surely. His plans are facilitated by the fact that his reading material is already divided. It all begins with the “Fellowship.” Then Kostas should be approached by “Two Towers,” and finally the “Return of the King.” Insiders know: Kostas Konstantinidis is reading Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” We don’t know if the legends of the Hobbit-world are included in his hand-baggage. But we know Kostas’ current destination quite well: Finland…where he will play in the defense of the Greek national team…On September 6th (at the latest), Frodo, Gandalf, and Sauron will play the leading roles in his imagination once more…For his 29th birthday, coach Röber could give him a movie ticket. On the 20th of December, Kostas’s current reading material comes to the big screen.”