From: Mr. Tadpole

I’ve made up a diagram of the Council, based on the pictures we’ve seen. This is it. No Bilbo, and everyone accounted for.

But I think we may have stumbled upon the first goof in the movie (before it’s even out) – the case of Frodo’s missing chair. It’s in several shots, with him sitting in it, but when he’s approaching the plinth (as seen in the trailer), bingo, it’s missing.

I have only one possible explaination – The scene where Frodo is approaching the plinth is at the very beginning of the Council, and they hadn’t put a chair out for him. After he takes the ring out and puts it on the plinth, they then get him a chair to sit on.

Xoanon here: I have yet another, Frodo is sitting in Gandalf’s chair…no conspiricies or mistakes here folks..a rather simple explination.