From TORN Staffer Amyd

I haven’t noticed if you already posted this info about the event, but if you haven’t already, perhaps you can help spread the word to the more VFX-oriented TORN fans, maybe one of them will wanna send a review back.

“At this year Siggraph 2001 (, WETA Digital will showcase some of the work they are doing on the “Lord of the Rings” movies at the Side Effects Software ( booth, during their special Houdini meeting. To present the visual effects shots, Michael Perry, VFX animator at WETA Digital, will be there, and he will comment on the role Houdini software had in the post-production of LotR.

The event will be held on Sunday, August 12, beginning at 2 p.m. in the Westin-Bonaventure Hotel’s San Jose Room. Besides the WETA presentation, there will be other companies demonstrating their most recent work, a reception afterwards, plus a sneak preview of the new Houdini 5 software. Unfortunately, there are no more open seats, due to the overwhelming demand, but if one of the torn fans happens to be going there, maybe he or she can send a report back to us.

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