Fabius Fëadûr sends along word that the Argentinian Tolkien Society have been invited to view the 26 minutes of LOTR seen at Cannes. I’m not 100% sure this is accurate, as I heard that the footage was taken from Cannes, shown in New York, and flown back to NZ in a sealed safe, and if it is true, New Line should let some OTHER unfortunate soul who could NOT make it to Cannes to watch this footage! (me! me!)

I´m from Argentina, i´m a memeber of the Argentinian Tolkien Society (Asociación Tolkien Argentina, ATA) and i are invited to view the Cannes´ Trailer this Thuesday 7, yes, New Line Cinema is represented by Warner in Argentina and they will play the 26 minutes trailer, the great one. I will be there, i am a Tolkien fan, and i will write something to you about this.

Another thing, in August 18 we´ll do TheTolkien 2001 our great party about the writer, there´ll be live music, fan art, movie trailers, middle-earth products, and much more, in 1999 and 2000 we do that and more than 2000 people come to us.