I thought I would give a small update on Barlibash, seeing as I attended the reception last night. I am sure full reports will come in as people return home from the festivities.

Despite inclement weather in the Greater Chicagoland area, everyone arrived safely at the introduction reception. Many flights were delayed, and a number of the Bashers had been in airports and planes for the entire day.

The scheduled event for last night was the reception. From my view point it seemed like everyone had an excellent time, with the possible exception of Barliman the reception’s bartender. Many of the meetings that I witnessed reminded me of long lost friends meeting once again. The type of things you would see at class reunions and the like. I think I will leave it like that, seeing as I am at best an infrequent visitor to Barliman’s.

After the reception, the group split up for a bit. I went with Jincey and Balin to Jincey’s room so I could set up Internet for her laptop. Like a child entering a candy store, or a drug addict getting a fix, Jincey’s eyes simply lit up once her laptop was on the Internet and she could stop in at Barliman’s. After that, being a working slob, I had to head for home. By the time I had arrived home and logged in to check up on things, it seems the party had moved fully into Jincey’s room. Most everyone stopped into Barliman’s and said hi.

Today the Bashers are heading into downtown Chicago for the day. I will be meeting up with them once again this evening. And I am sure there will be further reports to keep all of you appraised of the goings on.

It was wonderful putting faces with many of the nicks (and even some voices), that I have been dealing with over the past 3.5 years. Hopefully at the next Bash, all of us will be fortunate enough to attend.