Seems like the folks at EW Online don’t like our interest in LOTR. Either that or they seem to notice how thier hits go up when they say something bad about LOTR, or anything at all…ah well.

”Lord of the Rings” fans

Ever since Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema announced they’d be turning the J.R.R. Tolkein trilogy into a movie, diehard fans’ heads have been spinning like 12-sided dice wondering how the movie could do justice to the Hobbit lore. There is even a sense of veiled threat to their endless quest for info (”If you’ve done ANYTHING to upset the legacy of Gandalf, so help me…”). All these fanatics should just put down their mouses and relax. We’re five months away from the first installment’s premiere, but it’s all been shot, and all the emoticons in the world aren’t going to change Jackson’s vision. Just take some time off and develop some other interests. Oh, and bitching about whether Chris Columbus was the right director for the Harry Potter movie doesn’t count as ”other interests.”

(ah because we must all be computer nerds because we like LOTR….I see -Xo)

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