I’ve gathered all the Comic-Con 2001 reports here for easy reading, enjoy!

Comic-Con Day 1.5

Here we are in sunny San Diego (ok we’re inside most of the time 🙂 )! The Comic-Con is under way in outrageous fashion, and Lord of the Rings is all over. [Day 1.5]

Comic-Con 2001 Art Pics

Ringer Spy Faie sends along these great scans of some LOTR related art from Comic-Con 2001. Check them out! [Comic-Con Art]

Rings figures straight from Comic-Con

The Action Figure Times have posted a hoard of new action figure images from Comic-Con. [Toy Biz Toys]

Comic-Con Caraaaaazy

Have I lost my mind!? What happened to the last four days? Hanging out with a Hobbit and an Ent, WETA wizards, Sideshow masters, Decipher gurus, TORN fans, and being surrounded by TOLKIEN TOLKIEN TOLKIEN all weekend was just amazing. [Comic-con]

Comic-Con Images

Check out some of the great images Tookish and Quickbeam captured during the festivities at Comic-Con 2001! [Comic-con Images]

Comic-Con Day Three

Ever since I was a Tolkien fan, three has been my lucky number. Watching New Line’s presentation and bumping into Eljah Wood (Frodo Baggins) was just the start! [Day 3]

Comic-Con 2001: Wrap and Review

Quickbeam has the last word from the San Diego Comic-con. You’ll REALLY want to read this one folks, as it holds the transcripts of what WETA President Richard Taylor said at our Thursday presentation as well as some *delicious* insights from the wise Ent. Another great TORN exclusive if I do say so myself!! [Comic-con Review]