Hullo TORNados!

Got three more in the box this morning. Here we go:

i heard a radio commercial yesterday promoting a boxing match (can’t remember who was fighting) that said “the real Lord of the Ring”. we’ll be deluged soon with all kind of Tolkeinisms. JM

I have several small children who regularly watch the program “Arthur” on PBS. On one episode, it is deemed ‘cool’ to have a toy called a “Woogle” or
“Poogle” or something like that. Anyhow, Buster Baxter names his “Bilbo”. No other reference is made to Tolkien; this is just a little Tolkienism.

This is straight out of Microsoft’s Visual Basic Help regarding Collections: (Yummy, spiffy, nerdy programmer stuff)

What Has It Got In Its Pocketses? Croda

An aside… I’ve been told that in much MS programing there are Tolkienisms built right in, using names like Gandalf and Legolas. How cool is that?!

More to follow…