Come and see the newest Tolkien Larp, or Live action role-playing game.
Ever dream of being a Hobbit or maybe one of the other races from the
Tolkien world?

Well here is your chance, come join with us at this year’s
Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia; Aug. 31st – Sept. 3rd.. In this story you
can act out one of the evil orcs that serve in the armies of evil, or play a
great elven warrior. This story is based in the time of the Lord of the
Rings books. The characters played will not be from the books but creations
of the storytellers. We have broken the playable characters into four
classes and eleven races. Players will have the ability to play good or
evil characters.

This event will be a three day game from 11am to 6pm,
Fri. – Sun.. Our web site has information on the game rules as well as
information on story base of the game. For more facts and game tools check
out our web site at: If you have questions
about Live Action Role-Playing or this LARP please feel free to e-mail us at This Larp is sponsored and prizes donated by site. We welcome you to join us in this grand adventure.
Don’t miss it..

Sam Levine
Creator and Lead Storyteller of LOTR LARP