Ringer spy Dave went to meet Ian Holm [Bilbo] after his performance of a play:

“Hi lads, finally got to meet Sir Ian Holm last night.
I hung around after the play (which is sold out solid) and the very kind doorguy let me upstairs to say hello(he even told me where to wait). I was in a bit of a quandry as to what to ask him to sign,the Hobbit or the Fellowship ( I have the box set edition
of Rings with JRRT’s own artwork) so I decided to bring both.

Out he came,and it was incredible! (so much so that it was a few seconds before I could say anything)in the flesh,and his own clothes,he actually looks more like I always imagined Bilbo to look,than any of the images of “his” Bilbo from the film. He’s quite short,and has that aged stoop you get (he is 70 this year!) and he’s got a lovely timbre to his voice. His hair is much longer too. I introduced myself ,and explained that I’m a huge fan of the books and I’m living to see these films, would he mind signing something for me?

I explained that I didnt know which book to bring so I brought both; he said it was no problem at all and brought me over to a table where he squiggled on the first page of both the Hobbit and the Fellowship. He was very enthusiastic and friendly.

I told him i keep an eye out everyday online for LOTR developments and that the online community reckon things are looking/sounding as if they are shaping up really well. He said it looks wonderful and has come across brilliantly,though he only saw a small part. He said this film will be a landmark in film-making (he referred to it as “this film” which i thought was great) and said Peter Jackson is doing a wonderful job. I told him I was more than likely seeing the play (The Homecoming by Harold Pinter)on Saturday. He said it’s no “Lord of the Rings,”but it is beautiful.

I thanked him for his time and let him head to the bar. I went home with a happy glow. He really is a very nice chap. I hope you enjoyed reading this….(I mean it’s BILBO!!) so I think you understand:)

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