I’m not sure if you have recieved information about this or not so I will tell you anyway. Just recently I came across a shop in the Brisbane CBD (a major city in Australia). The shop is called Royal Selangor and is at Shop 154, The Myer Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia. In it I was delighted to find a large range of crafted Pewter Silver Lord of the Rings products. It is all officially liscenced and consists of a Lord of the Rings Chess set with all major characters from LOR. There is also a range of Goblets with different characters and themes crafted in many and various ways for each respective Goblet. These Goblets are based on LOR caharacters and scenes, The Hobbit characters and scenes, and even some based on The Silmarillion. There are also shops in Sydney and Melbourne and overseas (though I’m not sure where). If you want to check out more their website is I also have a full colour brochure of products available if you you would like me to send it to you.

One more thing, I noticed a few weeks ago you mentioned that a new LOR board game is available in the States at Target stores. This is also the case in Australia, I just brought one from Target the other day.

Thanks, Josh