Thanks to Christian for the text!

Announcer: It’s not every day that we give you a preview of a film which is still months from release; it’s not every day that a studio decides to film a trilogy all at once, with $270 million. That trilogy is Lord of the Rings, based on JRR Tolkien’s books that have sold millions of copies in 40 languages around the world. New Line Cinema held a preview party for the films at this years’ Cannes Film Festival, and we were given a sneak peek at the films, and a chance to meet the cast ‘One-on-One.’

Peter Jackson: Well, I read LOTR when I was 18, and I thought at the time: Wow, I can’t wait till the film comes out, and I waited for twenty years, and I couldn’t wait any longer!

Announcer: And, after spending a year and a half in New Zealand filming the LOTR trilogy, director Peter Jackson couldn’t wait to show a select audience at Cannes 20 minutes of Lord of the Rings, and introduce his cast to the world.

Billy Boyd: The ‘Lord of the Rings’ books is a huge book in my family’s history, my father’s a huge fan, my uncle’s a huge fan, and my mother’s read the book, so it’s always been battered around in my household.

Sean Astin: I was in Los Angeles on the cell phone with my agent who said (he does a great imitation of his agent), “Honey, the, uh, Peter Jackson’s doing the LOTR Trilogy for New Line,” and, while she was talking, I turned the car around and went to Barnes and Noble, and bought my first copy of the books.

Elijah Wood: Being a part of it, being a part of the film and taking the journey, uh, for fifteen months, being immersed in the world of Tolkien and Middle Earth, how could you not be a fan?

Announcer: Before joining the ‘Middle Earth’ in New Zealand, the cast had to give up a year and a half of their lives to bring this trilogy to life.

Liv Tyler: When I first heard about it, and they offered it to me, I was, like, oh my god!, can I handle this? Just my home and my family, I’m a Cancer so I’m such a homebody, and it took me about two days and I thought, what do you mean, it’s only like a year out of your life, and that’s not very long!

Announcer: Judging by the initial reviews of the first twenty minutes shown here at Cannes, one of the greatest stories ever told, may well become one of the greatest movies ever shown. . . Look for Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, to open in US cinemas December 19th.

I think the publicity LOTR is getting is great, I live in Zambia, right in the middle of Africa, and I still get pretty regular updates on TV! Way to go New Line!