From: Bruce S

I’m shooting you a quick email to let you know that there is a piece on Cannes in the latest (July 3, 2001) issue of The Advocate, the national (US) gay & lesbian news magazine.

The title of the article is “Lord of the Cannes” and the first paragraph is about LOTR, focusing on Ian McKellen. Both of the pictures that accompany the article are party-related LOTR shots. One is a picture of McKellen and the hobbit actors (he really is taller than all of them!), and the other is a small inset shot of the castle where the party was held.

The article describes McKellen as heroic and says that the hottest ticket in town was the 25 minute screening of LOTR. Elijah Wood is described as looking “delectable” in the footage. Next there was some familiar info about the Cannes party, and finally there was one new bit (to me): an awful pun from one of the Hollywood trade periodicals, “Be a Frodo; be very a Frodo.”

The rest of the article talks about the non-LOTR Cannes scene.