Hi folks,

Here’s the final news release from Sound Resources regarding Glass Hammer’s new disc “The Middle-Earth Album”:

The Hobbits of Bree have been working around the clock. Even the grumbling Dwarves of “Ironfist and Company” were called in to assist. There was rumor of a Dragon, but that didn’t stop ’em. Three Barrow-wights haunting the studio at Sound Resources? Didn’t faze ’em! What about that Troll that was seen lurking about in the shadows of Glass Hammer’s rehearsal hall? They barely took time to notice! How could they? For the day of reckoning is upon them!

No more time for tweaking the mix! No more time to run spell check on the text. Don’t stop for another ale, and whatever you do – don’t stop to pick a fight with the Goblins! Time is up! It is June the 15th and THE FANS WANT THEIR NEW GLASS HAMMER ALBUM!

Guess what? It is here!

Thus, the Hobbits, Dwarves, Wizards, and a few very tired Humans at Sound Resources are pleased and proud to announce the release of “The Middle Earth Album”. Songs about Trolls! Songs about Rangers! Songs about Dwarven heroes, Elven princesses! Wizards, Goblins and even Barrow-wights! It’s all here, including seven songs recorded live at the Prancing Pony!

Also…if you wish to explore the music of Glass Hammer in depth, and if you are in the mood for a great story set in Middle-earth, make sure to look on the site for details about “The Glass Hammer Adventure Pack”. This Special Offer is only available on the Glass Hammer website and includes “The Middle Earth Album”, “The Making of a Glass Hammer Adventure” CD, and a free copy of Steve’s story, “Rangers, Dwarves, Trolls and Maidens, or, A Halfling’s Holiday In Bree”.

Visit the band’s website for all the details!