I know we’ve reported this beofre, but I just love this story. Here it is again, this time from Greek movie magazine ‘Cinema’.

“If you are a maniac Tolkien fan and you can’t wait for the release of the Lord of the Rings, if you are already looking for memorabilia and gadgets from the upcoming trilogy at e-bay, then it’s better that you don’t read further on. The star of the movie, Liv Tyler (Arwen), after the end of filming received as a gift the ears that she was wearing during filming, and instead of insuring them as a future collector’s item, she left them for a week on the dushboard of her car. When she went to look for them she found in their place a sticky substance….. Disaster, but I am sure that even this sticky substance can be sold at a good price….”

Thanks to Unono for the translation!