From: Idril Celebrindal

Got this on the Top 5 sci-fi mailing list. (See address at the bottom of this message.) Thought you all might get a kick out of it.

The Top 8 Surprises in the “Lord of the Rings” Movie Trailer

8> Hobbit full frontal nudity barely rates a PG, if you know what I mean.

7> In a surprise bit of casting, “Meesa like Ring, gollum, gollum…”

6> “I am Strider, son of Aragorn, known to the hobbits as ‘Big Horsie.'”

5> “Hey, Tom, Merry Tom, Tom Bombadillo! Gotta fire his agent’s ass, ’cause his screen time’s nil-oh!”

4> Mary-Kate and Ashley as Hobbettes!

3> Tom Green has a cameo as Dildo, the least tasteful Hobbit.

2> Sure enough, there he is: Al Gore as Ent #5

and the Number 1 Surprise in the “Lord of the Rings” Movie Trailer…

1> The part of Bilbo Baggins? Played by Emmanuel Lewis.