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Just one week after announcing their suprise agreement with the Burger King chain, New Line have made their second big deal for merchandising the Lord Of The Rings as December approaches. This time, it’s not burgers but chocolate eggs.

New Line seem to have made an agreement with Nestlé to market the Lord Of The Rings with the incredibly popular chocolate egg chain for children, Kinder Eggs. Though not available in the United States, this chocolate candy for kids can be found in most countries in Europe. Usually found with a little toy inside it that you assemble together from little parts, the Lord Of The Ring Kinder Eggs will have some sort of figure or character from the film that can be assembled together. These chocolate eggs will be slightly more expensive than the usual ones.

The first country to have confirmed this will happen in their country is Germany, where the German Kinder Site has announced the series which will be released on November 5th, 2001. Hopefully, more countries will follow suit soon enough. The announcement for this series (in German) can be found by following the link. [More]

The website has also produced a little mock up of what the packaging the eggs will have, with the image of six members of the fellowship walking across Middle-Earth, a starlit sky above them and the German name for Lord Of The Rings above them. [More]