Ringer Spy Ryan sends along word of his encounter with some LOTR Cast members!

My girlfriend is working on a movie that Bernard Hill (Theoden) is currently in, and he told her that he was bringing “some hobbits” to the set last night. So she had me come up to visit on the off chance that I could get an autograph or two. Sure enough, I was lucky enough to meet Bernard, Elijah Wood (Frodo) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)!

Now, much has been said about how nice Elijah Wood is, but I’ve got to tell you that he is probably the nicest, coolest person I’ve ever met, especially considering the whirlwind that is already starting to spiral around him. He was particularly impressed with my 1973 Ballantine FOTR paperback, which was cool. All three of them were gracious enough to sign my book. (I was thinking about scanning the page for you to post, but I decided against it out of respect for the three of them.) I really liked what Elijah wrote: “Enjoy the journey.” Elijah still has a definite accent from the role. I mentioned it to him and he was shocked, but my girlfriend and I both thought it was pretty obvious.

They were also more than happy to show off their tattoos, which were beautiful (Elijah!! Send me a pic of that tatoo!! -Xo). Bernard also has a tattoo, of Theoden’s stamp, which is a lovely, intricate square. Unfortunately, I was too excited to make any sort of decent conversation, so I really don’t have anything newsworthy to report, just that all three of them were incredibly nice and positively enamored with the project.

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