From: Dargon

I was walking down the hallway in my school the other day when something gave me whiplash. The Fellowship movie poster with Frodo holding the ring was on a bulletin board in the school. The library must have put it up. I go to a public high school in Montgomery County Maryland. It would be cool if this was happening all over the country. I know that about 1/2 of the student population that I have talked to actually knows about the movies in one way or another. It would be cool to get a census and see if this trend continues nation wide.

Ringer Spy Paul sends along something similar from Oz.

A school here in Brisbane Australia that my younger brother attends, St Jospehs College Gregory Terrace has a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings section. With posters from both films and print-outs of pictures from fan sites such as TORN. they have multiple copies of the millennium edition for borrowing and copies of just about every Aussie mag with an article on the two films. Seems like the trend is world-wide!