I think too much of a good thing can be fatal, while we at the website have little choice in the amount of spoilers and advanced footage and whatnot we see daily, you the fan have the right to refuse to see things that will eventually ruin the film for you. And you should use that control!

These latest pics that we have a link to on the front page are my number one concern, why? Well while they are truly amazing to look at, they show Balin’s Tomb, but it’s just a STILL photograph, dead to the eye, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, these are films, and no matter how nice a shot from the films looks, it is still only a SHOT from the films, there is alot missing there, no sound, no musical score, no voices from the charcters, and most of all no movement!

Some things even I get angry at having seen ahead of time, such as Balin’s Tomb, I just wish I could have been sitting in the theatre, with the Shore score in my ears, as we follow John Rhys-Davies into that tomb, and we see his sadness and anger…but now it’s ruined, because now I KNOW what it will look like, yet I still don’t know what it will FULLY look like, and if we can’t see it 100% compete then we should not see it at all!

But fear not, those that need all-spoilers-all-the-time, we will deliver the goods, like I said, we have a duty to bring you everything Tolkien, I just wanted a moment to rant. 🙂

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