A RealVideo clip on the Official Christopher Lee Website shows our good birthday boy giving thanks to all the gifts he received, he also talks a bit about LOTR:

‘Someone asked me at Cannes what my greatest ambition in life is, I told him it is to see ‘The Return of the King’ in movie theatres in 2003.’

‘…Most recently you may have seen footage from Cannes, we were all there…when I say we I mean the cast of LOTR, with the exception of Cate Blanchett, Bernard Hill, and Hugo Weaving, we were all there. The 5 hobbits, 2 Wizards, the Dwarf, and the men.’

Lee goes on to say all the cast members (with the love for the characters and the actors as any hardcore TORNadoe I’ve ever seen!)

‘Most important of all, from my point of view, were the people who came from New Zealand. There were those that came from the US, some from Canada, some from Europe, and the UK, but for me the high point was, besides the party that was excellent, the high point was the fact that Richard Taylor the special effects wizard, was there with his partner. They really have created magic with these three films, and the word is magic, he was there he had come from New Zealand, two of the production secretaries also came from New Zealand, and quite right too, considering the amount of work they’ve been involved in over a very long period of time. Phillipa Boyens, came with her daughter, Sean Astin came with his wife and daughter, who is 4 years old and quite remarkably clever.’

Lee goes on to discuss the producers like Barrie Osbourne and the other producers.

‘But most important of all, Peter Jackson. And I was looking at the german video ages ago, from the party Sunday night, and all of us were talking about how proud we were of this wonderful achievement. But I would like to add to that, because I didn’t then, but have many other times, that it is all due to the genius, stamina, stability, and the vision of Peter Jackson, who really is one of a kind, they broke the mold, and his fair wife, and co-producer, and co-writer Fran, who was also there. They must have been exhausted, they’ve both just come from New Zealand. Peter got out of the car, doesn’t speak french, had driven for 2 days, from somewhere near Paris, right down to Cannes, without getting lost, that gives you an idea of what a remarkable person he is. I can’t pay too high a praise to him, he is responsable, well so are others, but giving him the opportunity, New Line, and they were there, because without them these films would not be made. Bob Shaye, of New Line and Michael Lynn, but the one person from New Line who had the most faith in the production from day one was Mark Ordesky, Mark was there, he was the guiding hand, he was helping us do what we were doing, during our time at Cannes.’

Check out the rest of Christopher Lee’s comments right here! (RealPlayer needed)