From: Andrea M

I found the news article in our local paper today, and the other information after the article was given to me by Bakshi studios.

Here is from my local newspaper the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal’s “Cue” section…

“Fellowship of the Ring getting new Words, opening”

Most of the dialogue in the much-anticipated “The Fellowship of the Rings” the first installment of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, is being replaced as actors re-dub their voices in an underground studio in London and a new opening has been added.

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays the wizard Gandalf the Grey in the movie based on JRR Tolkien’s popular novels, made these revelations in the “Grey Book” section of his website his diary about the movie-making.

“Almost all of the dialogue has had to be replaced.” McKellen notes in one entery, “Sean Bean (Boromir) Ian Holm (Bilbo) And Christopher Lee (Suraman) Have added fresh soundtracks to their scenes.” According to McKellen’s website, the studio in New Zealand wasn’t soundproofed.

The Opening Backstory has been changed, and new dialogue will now go to Bilbo, the adventurer introduced in Tolkien’s prequel to the lord of the rings “The Hobbit”, as he writes him memoirs, according to McKellen.

The Fellowship is scheduled for release Dec. 19th.

According to a source at Bakshi’s studios, I have been told that he will release his 1978 unedited version of LOTR animation sometime this year onto DVD to commemorate the live action movie being released in December.

And for someone who long ago asked about the signifigance of the way Legolas always held his hands. (Exmp. The thumb, index and middle finger extended while the pinky and ring finger were bent, or when the index and middle finger were extended and the thumb crossed over the bent pinky and ring finger.)

Although someone awhile ago thought it was signifigant (And I must admit I did too.) I’ve been told by Bakshi studios that it really had no signifigance.