From: Barbarshop

I work for a Thoroughbred Breeding Farm in PA and a few weeks ago we were thinking of names for our yearlings. We got kind of stuck. I have always loved J.R.R. Tolkien and of course can’t wait for the movies to come out so I suggested BILBO BAGGINS as a possible name. Everyone seemed to like it so we submitted it to the Jockeyclub never expecting it to be accepted but…It was!

Click here to see a pic of Bilbo Baggins, the horse!

So sometime next summer watch for BILBO BAGGINS running at a race track near you! We still have 4 more yearlings to name this year, and 20 or so to name next year. If anyone has any name suggestions from Tolkien I’d love to hear it (Sorry, Shadowfax is already taken…)! Be creative, but the names most fit in 18 characters! Send your name ideas to,