The Official Christopher Lee Web Site will host a surprise birthday party live on Sunday, 27 May, 2001 for Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee will attend, and is expected to talk about Peter Jackson, Cannes, and “Lord of The Rings.”


Christopher Lee To Party Live With Fans at Website on May 27 Fans Begin Celebration Friday

Christopher Lee, currently starring as Saruman the White in New Line Cinema’s upcoming “Lord of the Rings,” and as Count Dooku in Lucasfilm’s up coming “Star Wars: Episode II,” will share his 79th birthday with fans and well-wishers live from The Official Christopher Lee Web ( 27 May, 2001. Some of the events will be live, and some interactive, and anyone may leave personal greetings for the star whose 54 year, 255-film career has created memories for practically every movie-goer alive.

Three-Day Celebration: On Friday, 25 May, fans may begin posting their good wishes through this link:

In a nod to Mr. Lee’s unbroken world record as International star with the most film credits, the birthday greetings page at the Website is prepared to handle messages in any language. (Mr. Lee himself speaks several European languages.) Fans are also invited to upload multimedia greetings; helpers will be on hand to approve messages and check attachments as they pour into the family site. Visitors do not have to register or sign in to the site to leave their greetings on this special page, which is the only birthday page Mr. Lee will see.

On Sunday, 27 May, 4:00 PM GMT, Christopher Lee will enter the Website, read birthday messages, and stream a RealMedia video message to fans at this link ( To experience the video message, visitors will need a RealMedia video player, which they can download free at the RealMedia site (,010524rpchoice_c2&dc=526525524). Those who miss the live event can view an archived copy from the Christopher Lee Web Video and/or Audio page in the future.

From approximately 4:30-5:30 PM GMT Sunday, there will be a private birthday party for Mr. Lee with a limited number of fans, by invitation only. Mr. Lee will talk to the guests, open some of his presents on-line, and thank those who mailed them, then talk about whatever is on his mind. Participants will be given instructions by e-mail for getting to the private party. Everyone is invited to experience a multimedia recording of the private birthday festivities after that part of the event.

The third event this Sunday will be the final round in the Christopher Lee Trivia Competition, hosted jointly by Mr. Lee and Joe Skinnell, Competitions Manager for the Official Christopher Lee Web. Guests of the private party are invited to attend, and fans around the world can watch the competition on video and/or voice after the event, and try their hand at the questions. The final round of the Christopher Lee Trivia Competition is the culmination of several weekly rounds of questions, during which contestants identified Christopher Lee films from clips and stills and answered questions about Mr. Lee’s career from sources such as Tall, Dark and Gruesome, Mr. Lee’s autobiography


Goodies For All: All guests are welcome to download some special treats on Sunday, view art uploaded by fans, and read breaking news.

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