Chade sent in this nice story, which he’s translated out of theSwedish paper Aftonbladet:

“A new article about LotR and more specifically about Elijah Wood at Swedish tabloid

Elijah says “it is cool to become a doll” and that he himself collects action figures from i.e. Star Wars.

He also said that PJ wanted only Brittish actors as hobbits, but Elijah wanted this part bad, so he got himself dressed up as a Hobbit, went out in the forest and let a friend film him as he read a few parts from the books with british accent.

Christopher Lee told Eliah that after the movies have opened, he won’t be able to walk on the streets, and compares it to how Paul McCartney described the hysteria about the Beatles. Then the article talks about PJ being a big Beatles-fan and how he’s described the four hobbits as the members of the Beatles: Paul (Frodo), John (Merry), George (Pippin) and Ringo (Sam).
Elijah says that when PJ had his birthday the four hobbits made a picture where they posed exactly as a classic Beatles-picture (from the Ed Sullivan Show) and on the drum-set it said “The
Hobbits”. 🙂

For the entire article (in Swedish) follow this link