Yep, the Scandinavians are leading the pack still. Tero wrote in with his translation of a Finnish article. He says “Keep in mind that the Finnish way to tell things might sound a bit lame to you since we tend to avoid superlatives and such.” Sort like Kiwis, whose highest accolade sounds a bit like ‘Yeah, it was all right.’

Cannes. The first few minutes were shown from the most anticipated premiere of next Christmas season, TheLord Of the Rings, the movie directed by Peter Jackson. And it looked really promising!

The show, invitation-only for international media reporters [including the MIA Calisuri – : )], consisted of trailer, promo stuff and a special 14 minute long, edited and finalized episode of the movie. In the episode the characters Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn and others were engaging terrifying enemies in the Moria mines.

Even though this single episode was totally cut off from the complete movie and shown as separately, it had an uplifting feeling of heroic saga. The effects and the sets were fantastic and gothic and the monsters were quite terrifying.

After seeing the few selected minutes, it seemed the characters themselves will not be shadowed by the extraordinary effects and sets!

Peter Jackson introduced the movie clip and said it was funny to show material to people that will be in theaters not sooner than half a year from now. Funny or not, after the show the audience gave spontaneous furore (applauded).

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