From: Claus O

Are you still interested in stuff about LotR being mentioned in papers and such? (of course! – Xo) Well, here’s a small article from the May issue of “TDC Magasinet” on page 34 (a small magazine published by Danish tele-company TDC (Tele Danmark Communications). The article reads as follows (English Translation):

Hobbits hits on the Net

The internet has been a part of creating an enormous advance interest in the coming three movies based on the fantasy novels about the hobbits, Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.”

The first one premieres in December, but just an early trailer for the movie garnered enormous attention. I the span of the first 24 hours it was downloaded almost two million times on the internet, which is an unofficial world record.

And that’s even in spite of he company behind the movies has shrouding the filming in mystery. But from first go the Tolkien-fans around the world has had a encompassing network on the internet where even the smallest tidbit of news from the filming on New Zealand has been passed on and discussed. There has even been an exchange of spy photos from the filming and a couple of satellite pictures [???].

The great advance interest has had some unexpected side effects. A few dishonest souls on the production crew has stolen items from the movies and put them up for sale on internet auctions, where e.g. swords from the filming has been sold for a small fortune.

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