From: Peter B

The winner of the Swedish contest concerning a trip to cannes and a pass to the castle in wich the lord of the rings party will be, has been decided.

The winner is Johanna Enhörning, by the way her last name translated into english is unicorn. She and a friend will fly down to cannes and attend a party with the cast and crew of the movies.

She answed all the qustions correctly, of course, and on the last “question”, on Wich character she would like to play and why, she wrote:

– In this beutiful fantasy world
There is one that has known it all,
Whos power in talkt of everywere
and desired a thousen times.
– In many hands im an undescribeble danger,
although the fate that me awaits
I am the one ring.

It sounds better in swedish because it rhymes:

I denna vakra sagovärld
finns en som upplevt allt,
vars makt är onämd
vida kring och åtrådd
I mångas händer kan jag bli
en obeskrivlig fara, trots ödet
som mig väntar vill jag
härskarringen vara.

Grattis Johanna vi lär nog ses på premiären i götet.